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Videos create change

Bright Day Films is a video production studio telling powerful visual stories. We work with businesses and organisations to create exceptional video content that can inspire and create change in the community. Our specialties include promotional videos, documentary films, advocacy films, content marketing videos and short films for social media.

We believe in the power of video to grow communities

Our approach enables you to connect in new ways with your community. Our creative team will dig deep to unveil the story behind who you are to craft a powerful video that can change hearts and minds. By taking the time to get to know your values, your voice and your target audience we create a video that is compelling and cutting edge.

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Our services

We provide cutting-edge video production services.

Our end-to-end video production services cover everything you need for a polished and professional video. This includes creative direction, working with you to develop a voice-over, location-setup and scouting, recruiting and directing actors/extras, post-production, video editing and sound design. We can also provide fully-licensed aerial videography to give your video that extra wow factor.

We provide full creative direction of your film project. This includes script-writing, storyboarding, providing artistic direction and ensuring the style, mood, locations, lighting and key messages work together to complement the film production and what it is communicating. We can also arrange talent and actor acquisition for shoots.
We provide high definition 4K videography of your film shoot. We provide direction for actors/talent and handle narration or voice over (if required). People always look better on camera when they are feeling comfortable and relaxed, so work hard to ensure an enjoyable and stress-free experience during shoot days.
We provide 4K fully-licensed aerial (drone) videography, upon request. Drone videography enhances the professionalism of your film and creates that wow factor to keep people watching. Our drone operator is fully licensed with CASA for commercial shoots.
The magic happens in the editing room. We provide full post-production services including video editing, music overlay, sound design, motion graphics and professional colour-grading. You can be sure to receive a slick, professional-looking film that reflects your brand and your story.

Did you know?

Video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of a search engine

Promotional Films

Bring your story to life

Reach new heights

Video brings your brand to life. Tell your unique story with a Promotional Video.

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Advocacy Films

Evoke, inspire & inform

Grow your community

Invoke action from your audience or promote positive change.

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Content Marketing

Take them on a journey

Go behind the scenes

Take your audience on a journey with you through a Content Marketing Film.

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Event Videography

Capture the greatest moments

Stand out from the rest

Make your event shine with a professional highlights film.

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Educational Films

Boost SEO while educating your audience

Let's go deeper

Surprise your audience with in-depth knowledge of your industry.

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Drone Videography

Gain an impressive aerial view

Head to the clouds

Go higher with our expert and fully-licensed drone videography

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Recent work

We believe in authenticity and professionalism in everything that we do. Our scripts are developed in a way that authentically tells your story and we use the latest equipment and techniques to achieve cutting-edge visual storytelling and state-of-the-art cinematography.

We work interstate and internationally depending on the project; a travel fee may apply.

  • Authentic storytelling
  • End-to-end production
  • State-of-the-art cinematography
  • Expert advice
  • Made with passion & heart

‘Montara’ [Advocacy Film]

‘Pittwater House’ [School Marketing Video]

‘Kompan Day of Play’ [Socially Responsible Corporate Video]

‘The International Shift’ [Social Enterprise]

‘The Manly Monado Walk’ [Charity Fundraiser]

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If you’re looking to expand your audience or launch a new project, a creative video can be just the right touch to achieve your goals. 

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