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Our Unique Difference

We focus on telling powerful human stories.

Why? Because people have short attention spans and you need more than just nice visuals to capture it. You need to be able to tell a great human story – this is what people connect with.

We work hard to tell authentic and powerful human stories that move people to action.

We’re all people and we’re intrigued by each other, this is why reality TV has taken off, and well business is no different. Just offering your products and services isn’t enough. People want to know who they’re buying from. They want to know who you are and what you stand for.

We’re experts at uncovering the authentic and inspiring human story behind each business. The foundation of any great video is a compelling script. Therefore, we dedicate the initial consultation to working through your project ideas and getting to know the business. Once we develop a killer script and get the messaging right, the rest of the process follows naturally. A great script combined with professional film techniques can set you apart from your competitors and help you achieve a new level of success.

Interested? Let’s connect and get ready to start building outstanding video content for your business.

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Want to know more?

Video is a great way to build followers, increase engagement and to share on the web and on YouTube.

We expertly tell real people’s stories to create engagement and move viewers to action.

At Bright Day Films, we’re experienced at creating engaging, short web videos for business. We are experts in producing promo videos, web videos, client testimonials and Content Marketing videos. Having worked for clients spanning education, youth, government, hospitality, retail and the not-for-profit sector, we have produced countless videos for satisfied clients.

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We go beyond the norm to get to know your organisation’s values and culture, so we can communicate your message in the most effective way possible.

Every video we produce is crafted to capture the imagination and heart of it’s audience.

Our in-house team manages the entire production process, ensuring a consistently high caliber of work from concept development, script-writing and planning through to production, graphics, music scoring and editing.

We work hard to produce professional content that will strengthen your customer loyalty and engagement, grow your public awareness and convey your communications in the best way possible.

Bright Day Films is led by acclaimed cinematographer, Jesse Mitchell. Through producing consistently quality work we have been privileged to work with countless inspiring businesses, organisations and not-for-profits around Australia.

Find out more about Lead Cinematographer, Jesse Mitchell.