//Ruth & Raja | Christian Wedding | Fitzroy, Melbourne

Ruth & Raja | Christian Wedding | Fitzroy, Melbourne

The first day of Ruth & Raja’s epic two-day wedding was a beautiful Christian wedding ceremony set in a trendy inner-city corner of Melbourne.

Ruth & Raja are the most lovely couple you could ever meet. They wanted to do something special for their families by holding dual ceremonies celebrating their Christian and Hindu religious backgrounds. Day one was a beautiful Christian wedding ceremony at the Fitzroy Town Hall, in inner-city Melbourne. The sincerity in their vows was powerful, particularly behind the amazing acoustic rendition of the song “The Power of Your Love”. Spectacular cocktails were whipped up with the fanciful hands of the talented cocktail bar tender (seriously you must check him out! It’s in the second half of the film) and canapes followed during the afternoon tea amidst henna-painting and a 7-piece jazz band – it was as funky as it gets!

The speech by Raja’s brother was a special and moving description of their great relationship and the man-embrace that followed is one of my favourite parts of their wedding video. Ruth and Raja’s inclusiveness and ability to make everyone feel so special was truly extraordinary. Great musicians including the folky acoustic band ‘The Tea Leaves’ were part of the entertainment that made the afternoon into a fun and lively wedding reception.

We later wandered over the road to a grungy graffiti-clad alleyway for creative photography and videography. I loved watching the bridal party link together like a colourful band of mafia members and Ruth giving a fantastic twirl of her dress as a pigeon flew overhead. We then came back for the biggest cheese wheel I’ve ever seen… mwah!

All in all, it was great to witness such a wonderful coming together of two friendly and genuinely caring people, the coming together of two cultures and religions and the coming together of the beauty and grunginess of inner-city Melbourne. It was a great sign of unity.

This wedding video above is of their Christian Wedding (day 1). For the Hindu Wedding Ceremony (Day 2) check out the Ruth & Raja | Hindu Wedding Film.


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